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monarchs Cutting down milkweed could benefit monarch butterflies: study (CTV News) A monarch butterfly perches on milkweed at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Md., Friday, May 31, 2019. The best time to cut down milkweed plants in southern Ontario, the place where monarchs are found most in Canada, is mid-July, a new study say. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster).
oct 19, 2018 Pot industry changing local landscapes… What does cannabis have in common with poinsettias (thelondoner.com – Christopher Montanini) One is stoking a burgeoning industry in Southwestern Ontario – further kindled this week by the legalization of recreational marijuana Oct. 17 – the other, as a result, could be harder to find this Christmas as pot’s impact continues to ripple through the region’s horticulture community.
Farm Robotics are Taking a Giant Automated Leap Forward Farm Robotics are Taking a Giant Automated Leap Forward (machinedesign.com – Carlos Gonzalez) The field of robotics in the farm industry is growing as new technology like computer vision and robots are being introduced, creating new levels of automation.
fresh faces Fresh Faces of Horticulture (gardencentermag.com – Conner Howard, Cassie Neiden, Janelle Patterson, Michelle Simakis and Karen E. Varga) We surveyed students to discover what drew them to the green industry and what they expect from a career in horticulture. Professors and hiring managers also weigh in on their experiences with this new generation of professionals.
article Horticulture: a Great Second Choice (JournalPioneer.com – Mark Cullen) Take a moment to examine your life: is this a time for change? I am speaking strictly on a professional level, so don’t get nervous.
articles Top Horticultural Programs in Ontario (Toronto Star – Mark Cullen) A brief overview of the educational institutions in the province that offers a specialty in horticulture
article Horticulture blooming with job opportunities – Jobs, education plentiful in Ontario’s $7-billion industry (Toronto Star – Mark Cullen) A summer job of working at a garden centre could turn into a fruitful career, with 12 post-secondary institutions in Ontario offering education in horticulture
article A career in the gardening industry could grow from one of these seeds (Toronto Star – Mark Cullen) Landscapers, tree climbers and nursery gardeners are among a range of jobs
article I want to be a landscape architect. What will my salary be? (JARED LINDZON – Special to The Globe and Mail) Unlike landscapers, with whom they are often confused, landscape architects don’t actually put plants or hard landscaping materials into the ground. They are instead involved at the planning level, working with city planners, engineers, private property owners and a variety of government departments to collaborate on projects ranging from developing city parks and roads to flood-water mitigation planning to green space and environmental policy development.
article The ethics of lawn watering (The 180 with Jim Brown – CBC Radio) Despite some recent smatterings of rain, Western Canada is still in the middle of a long-running drought. Ranchlands are dry, forest fires rage, and everyone’s worried about the smaller than normal snow-pack. Thanks to the drought conditions, cities and towns across the west have introduced water restrictions.

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