Other Resources & Teaching Aids

  • 4-H Canada is a not-for-profit organization that is focused on strong leadership for world-class positive youth development experiences in Canada
  • Young Worker Tip Sheet
    Tips for Staying Safe at Work
  • Nature Festival Seed Fund, Nature in the Neighbourhood
    Support for Secondary School Integrated Programs – The Gosling Foundation – Grant Programs
  • Frameworks for teaching environmental learning and biodiversity education
  • Natural Curiosity – A resource for teachers
    Building children’s understanding of the world through environmental enquiry
  • Ontario Council for Technology Education
    OCTE fills a need for professional advocacy for safety and excellence in technological education. Every year at our AGM, we present amazing teaching resources that have been created for members, provide professional learning opportunities through targeted seminars, and solicit feedback from educators about where advocacy is needed at the board and government levels. Then our committees determine how we can provide useful solutions for our members.
  • World Plants – by Michael Pascoe
    World Plants contains an ever-growing database of plants and plant related information that has been garnered through experience in the garden and landscape and through my travels around the world. All of the plants on this website have been viewed ‘up close and personal’: this is not a collection of images from the Internet and re-posted but a resource of real experience.
  • Posters
    • Pollinator Poster
      Printable high-resolution posters of annuals and perennials that attract pollinators.
    • Promote the Benefits of the Green Industry
      CNLA’s Public Relations Committee has created a series of colourful posters to help members promote the environmental benefits of landscaping and landscape products.
    • Pathway to Horticulture!
      The purpose of this workshop is for you to gain awareness about careers in horticulture and to ‘try the trade’.
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